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Dane Info


Great Dane Club of America

Great Dane Health Foundation

Dallas Great Dane Club

The Great Dane in History and Art

MyMentors - Home Page

Sunnyside Farm - lots of Dane info

Dog Logic - tons of all kinds of great info, Danes, health, training

Nuttree Great Danes - great Ancestors pages

Janus Great Danes - great Ancestors pages

Great Dane Rescue,Inc

Dane World

Great Dane Links

Dane Outreach

Danes Online

Great Dane Conformation Clinic

Rembrandt Pedigree Service - Great Dane Pedigrees



Misc. Dog Stuff

Storm Mastiffs Links Page-  the very best links pages I have ever seen!!!and overall a great site!


JB Wholesale  Pet Supplies

H&H Industries - dog beds

Johnna's Stained Glass,etched glass and more

Kings Heart Forge -Unique gifts for animal fanciers

Touch of Glass

Simply Pets - Pet quotes

Pyraphernalia - Big Dog Basics - doggy bookstore - another online bookstore

Brown Dog Institute

6Star Danes - Dane art & other cool stuff


Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co.

Great Dane Sculpture

Great Dane Collectibles

Great Dane Photos